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The Premier

AI Conference

NVIDIA’s GPU          

                       Technology Conference is the premier event on artificial intelligence. Venus students connect with experts to get hands-on technical training, insights into the latest AI and data science approaches, applications and breakthroughs.

2019 Scholarship Winners


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C. Martin.

Checkout his GTC DC testimonial

Dr. Roberson,


Thank you so much for having me at NVIDIA GTC. It was my first tech conference ever and it was the best experience of my life. I met so many amazing people and made so many great connections with engineers at the top tech companies in the world. 


Just from this conference, I have over 10+ companies interested in offering me a summer internship including (the US Navy, Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton, D3 Engineering, Maxar, Real Networks, Determined AI, and many more). The Venus AI reception was truly incredible. I got the chance to network with so many marvelous people.


The NVIDIA people I talked with were so awesome and told me about how they are trying to diversify their company, and by working with Venus AI they are trying to accomplish just that. I spoke with many black NVIDIA employees and encouraged them to come to speak at Howard on behalf of the National Society of Black Engineers. They agreed.


The reception took me to a whole nother level as one of the employees I spoke with loved my story, my resume, and my drive for Artificial Intelligence so much.... that they scheduled a meeting with the Senior Director of AI Software at NVIDIA. The next day I met with him and we talked for hours. Now he is interested in offering me a full-time summer position on his team for next summer at the NVIDIA Headquarters in California.


This conference was amazing and I couldn't have got here without you Dr. Roberson and your amazing company Venus AI. I am so inspired by you Dr. Roberson and all the things you are doing to uplift black people so that we increase the percentage of black people in AI. Never in my life would I think I would get the chance to talk to the United States Diplomat of Uganda. The work that he is doing in Africa is truly inspiring, I would love to work closely with you and him so that we can build STEM schools in Uganda, Teach people there how to code, bring black people back to Africa, and make Uganda and Africa the Wakanda it deserves to be. I would love the opportunity to be the face of such an innovative, profound, and world-changing movement. Thank you so much again, Dr. Roberson! Again, you truly are inspiring and none of this could have happened for me if it wasn't for you. God bless you!


With Best Regards,

Devin C. Martin

Howard University 23'

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